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P1811 -

I've been dealing with this code for a long time, I've changed the valve body in the transmission, I've had a transmission swap, I've changed the transmission control module, and much more and the problem still occurs, no mechanic can find the issue not even the dealership. Other then a pressure control solenoid, valve body, MAF sensor, what else could be causing this code? When my vehicle is cold it runs perfect until about 20 minutes driving, then the service engine light shoots on followed by harsh shifting, if I turn of the car for a minute it goes away and drives perfect again. Please help.

Vehicle: 2003 Saturn L300 3.0 V6
asked Apr 2, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

P1811 Maximum Adap and long shift

P1811 A  TSB was ammended in TSB # 04-07-30-020 in April 2004 It is listed under transmission control system.,it points toward the valve body bores it was addied 10/01 2007.I dont mean to be rude, because of the valve body issue with the Saturn,Your vehicle was listed as a lemon.
answered Apr 4, 2013 by Reynaldo (6,524 points)

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