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My honda odyssey 2001 has number po401 and po705 codes

I have a 2001 honda odyssey and in it the P0705 and PO401 code, I also noticed big oil spots on the floor, all the fluid in the transmission was recently changed, it will be related to the appearance of these codes? ah! I forgot to tell you that sometimes TCS light also comes on.
could someone help me to know what is happening with my car? please

Vehicle: 2001,honda,odyssey,3.5
asked Jul 12, 2013 by robsan

1 Answer

P0705 Transmission range sensor circuit malfunction (PRNDL)

P0401 EGR system flow insuficient

When the CK ENG Lt comes on TCS is disabled this is for safety reason, The code you have P0705 is the transmission indicator for the ECM to know what gear it is in, the solution is a replacement for the transmission range sensor, As for the EGR code a EGR valve will need replacing if this does not satisfy P0401 , the EGR passage will have to be cleared, even as far as taking the intake manifold out to clear the EGR passage,

answered Jul 12, 2013 by Reynaldo (3,822 points)

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