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Looking for the following codes: P1A0D and P0A3E for 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

The traction control light comes on frequently when weather conditions aren't bad. Then it started giving a caution signal, saying Stop Safely Now and then I shut it off and wait, then restart.

Vehicle: 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid
asked Jul 29, 2013 by Lori Wilburn

1 Answer

My 08 escape hybrid also had those 2 codes + P0A7C and it also shut-off the engine, with the red triangle and message.  My dealership service dept replaced the Water Pump Kit 5M6Z-8C419-A.  The pump kit only cost 272.53, but the labor and tax and compliance program and shop supplies (whatever the heck those things are) rang-up a grand freaking total of $631.89

This "electronic" coolant pump from what little info they were willing to tell me cools the transaxle.  Cools the transaxle?  I never heard of such a thing - since when does a transaxle need an electronic coolant pump to keep it cool??

i always repair my cars, diy, but, due to the severity of being dead on the side of a highway somewhere, I bit the bullet this time, besides, they were going to charge me something like $116 just for the diagnostic service.  I feel violated - Ford knows how to do ppl up the butt and look good doing it, but to have been forced to pull over in heavy highway traffic with an auto who's engine was already and immediately, without prior warning, shut-down, not once, but several times while trying to limp it back home, after getting some 200 miles away in an atempt to go 600 miles away, and have to re-start the trip in another car, at 6 pm and get to where I started my journey at 9:30 am, and finally get there at 2:30 am, and to have to pay that kind of $$$ to fix the ultra-mysterious problem, yes, i was freaking violated.  Now I remember why I never bought Fords before I decided to change my mind and try owning this one..
answered Oct 16, 2013 by Bill

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