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codes PO481 and PO411 vw jetta

Air bag light and check engine light is on. The car was having trouble starting the past few mornings--it was jumped--cold weather moving in--battery is fine--these codes came up and wondering what to do--Son-in law is a mechanic -well a little knowledgeable.

Thank you

Vehicle: volkwagon jetta 06 2.5
asked Nov 24, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

P0481 Fan 2 control circuit

P0411 Secondary air injection incorrect flow detected

These 2 codes have nothing to do with the vehicles ability to start up, For P0481 the fan and fan control module needs to be trouble shooted more, It is used for the engine to maintain engine operating temperature so it will not overheat, The secondary air flow air duct if it is not properly connected to the MAF (mass air flow) air duct this can be the reason it has a hard time starting, and this will also affect the engine operation .
answered Nov 24, 2013 by Reynaldo (3,822 points)

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