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a 08 bmw 328i and when i try to start it it takes along time to start sometimes i have to do it 3 times and when it starts it shakes bad and a warning light comes on and a picture of a car lifted comes on to and also the check engine but the only code that comes on is p1727. i looked it up and it says its coast clutch inductive signature malfunction but what is that what part is that I allready asked this question but now the car started making a whistling sound I take the oil cap off and sound stops but all other symptoms are the same. Any help would be awesome thank you. Could it still be the crank position sensor. That's the only code that came up. And I started the car today and started fine with no problems.

Vehicle: 08 bmw 328i 3.0
asked Jan 28 by anonymous
edited Jan 28

1 Answer

This is not the crank position sensor failing at all. If you take the oil cap out and a strong vacuum is felt this is the Oil drain back valve , The valve tends to deteriate when the use of wrong motor oil is used BMW requires sythetic oil . Not regualr motor oil or a synthetic blend.The crank position sensor only picked up lean misfire due to the engine RPM speed. It would be nice to have the other "P" code, this helps determine if the Variable valve timing is at fault. The 2 item that cause this is the oil drain back deteriated or the VANOS . P1727 also means you can not  acclerate to go anywhere just hold traffic up.
answered Jan 28 by Reynaldo (3,817 points)

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