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Could a front end collision w/ a deer cause the error code, P0016 CKP-CMP CORRELATION B11SA?  As far as I can tell that is:

Crankshaft/Camshaft Correlation Error Bank 1 Sensor 1
asked Jan 12, 2011 by jaymelkia (101 points)

1 Answer

Definitely, check the sensors connector and make sure the oil level and condition is OK.

What Kia model and year do you have??
answered Jan 12, 2011 by OBDIITech (2,535 points)
I have a 2008 Kia Sorento.  It came on right after I hit the deer.  The autobody shop repaired the vehicle, but when I asked about the light they siad they didn't know what it was.  The didn't see it when fixing the vehicle.  As soon as I started it at the shop it was on.  They cleared the code and started the Sorento again.  No code.  About 10 minutes later the check engine light came on again.
More than likely the crankshaft position sensor, which is located on the transmission housing, was damage or the sensor got disconnected during the collision.
Would this be more likely since the Sorento is a 4WD?
I'm not sure is more likely because is a 4WD. Probably not.

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