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1998 ford ranger p1309

1998 ford ranger. 3.0 emmision coad #p1309

Vehicle: 1998 ford ranger ,3.0
asked Apr 21, 2012 by anonymous
edited Sep 8, 2012 by OBDIITech

1 Answer

I had this code in my wife's 98 ranger. replaced cam sensor first with no luck checked the synchro for play or noise and again no luck. after third trip to auto parts store replaced cam synchroniser with Motorcraft and a new motorcraft sensor, cleared the code performed the learning procedure of accellerate to 65 and maintain for a few minutes then decell without using the brakes to approx 40 mph 3 times (don't have to be in a row just part of the learning procedure) and all is well

recommend purchasing the alignment tool and getting a good service manual with illustration if you are to attempt replacing the synchroniser, sensor itself is a fairly easy change other than getting to it which is rather tight
answered Oct 17, 2012 by anonymous

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