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2003 escape misfire

have a 2003 ford escape with code p0351 and p0301 change plugs and coil packs on cylinder 1,2,3 just change pcm with a used one from a used part supplier not a junk yard.had the pcm reprogramed still have the same promblem of skipping .also had to reprogram the pcm with the key i always used and then they took one out of the security system that was not cut out made me a new key check engine light came on when i used that key car ran but engine light came on with code p0316 misfire at startup first 1000 revolutions.any idea for the skipping?could it be crankshaft position or injectors.the suv has like 167,000 miles and is a 3.0 v6 dohc.thanks if u can help

Vehicle: 2003 ford escape
asked Jul 23, 2012 by anonymous

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