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Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls for 1996 GMC C2500

Bulletin Number: 10730021 Bulletin Date: 05-01-2001
Power train:automatic transmission
This technical service bulletin states that technicians may experience difficulty in removing the connectors from the park / neutral position switch, usually when trying to remove the switch during transmission service. *tt
Recall Date: 10-24-2007 Affected Vehicles: 121,680
Certain honeywell fram racing brand hp4 and hp8 oil filters that were manufactured from may 25, 2006, through september 14, 2007, and sold for use as replacement equipment for vehicles list above. the affected filters are marked with a date code a61451 through a72571 sequentially. the date code and part number appear on the filter housing. fram racing hp4 and hp8 oil filters not bearing a date code in this range are not affected by this recall. the gasket of the oil filter becomes more pliable under high temperatures and pressures.
This condition may cause inadequate sealing and loss of engine oil, possibly resulting in a fire.
How to Fix:
Honeywell will replace the affected oil filters free of charge. the recall began during november 2007. owners can contact fram customer service toll-free at 1-800-890-2075.
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